Dark Knight Movie Review Essay

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Andrew Carrigan

Movie Review

Professor Leone

7 February 2013

The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan does it again, his new, thrilling, epic masterpiece, “The Dark Knight Rises,” blows viewers out of their seats. Every scene is compelling and filled with and insurmountable amount of mind blowing events. With the help of lead actor, Christian Bale, Batman rises from a crippled sole into the strong and brave protector, saving his city from its biggest test yet. Unfortunately, Gotham falls into the hands of a powerful warlord Bane, played by Tom Hardy. Hardy plays one of the most important roles of his career, by his defining actions as a true evil mastermind. He performance is thrilling, his particular voice compelling, and his traps muscles rose taller than the Rocky Mountains. Even cat woman makes an appearance, showing her true colors and compassion throughout the film. Anne Hathaway, cat woman herself, is sexy and captures the emotions of the audience with every one of her sleek sayings and actions.

The plot of the movie is excellent from the beginning, but throws numerous curveballs throughout the film. The premise of the movie leads up right from the last movie leaving out little details. Finally we our graciously rewarded with a film that has no loose strings and covers all aspects of its previous films. From the first scene viewers are compelled to keep watching. Bane, the new evil menace brings a whole to meaning to the typically “bad guy.” He speaks with such confidence and has one goal of fulfilling Raz al Guls destiny, destroying Gotham. His background is a phenomenal story that connects the dots for the viewers. As he builds his underground army, Bruce Wayne and his city are shocked once he unveils his master plan. His ultimately goal is to take down the Batman and make sure Gotham sees its last days.

Gotham is not the one who faces their ultimate test. Bruce Wayne becomes to weak too take down Bain and finds himself in no other place but hell on earth.