Dark Romanticism: Comparison between Hawthorne and Poe Essay

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When we are comparing two different authors like Hawthorne and Edgar Allan Poe it can be difficult because they have a unique way of writing that it very hard to understand sometimes. There type of writing is called Dark Romanticism and its writing has a very different look on things. There are seven different things to look for in this type of writing and I am going to talk about two of the main ones I find important in these stories we have read.
The first way of looking at this all would be through the focus of sin and regret and the second would be the elements of the supernatural, or events that are difficult to explain or understand. I’m going to be talking about two different stories one is going to be by
Hawthorne and one will be by Poe. The story we will be talking about first is called “The Minister’s Black Veil” by
Hawthorne. When I first started to read this story I did not really see the real meaning behind it. The first element of Dark Romanticism is the focus of the effects and guilt and sins in a story. Right in the beginning of the story we start to wonder why we have this minister that is wearing a veil that covers his face. Someone in the story then states, ‘Did he seek to hide from the dread being whom he was addressing”(pg.338). I have the same thought as this person because I feel as if this person is trying to hide a sin or shame to himself. The second way of looking at the writing is the elements of supernatural events. There are many ways that is put in the story one way is of this quote “...That the minister and the maiden”s spirit we’re walking hand and hand”(pg.341). As we