Darren: Nymph and of White Water Essay

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Darren Jackson


Pg.978 Lines 757-770

|Original | Modern |
|But scarcely had that island faded in blue air than I saw smoke and |The island disappeared from sight as a thick fog came in and sounds of|
|white water, with sound of waves in tumult a sound the men heard, and |rippling waves disturbed the men. |
|it terrified them. | |
|Oars flew from their hands; the blades went knocking wild alongside |The men let go of the oars and the blades went out of control until |
|till the ship lost way, with no oar blades to drive her through the |they got lost and they were incapable of use. |
|water. | |
|Well, I walked up and down from bow to stern, trying to put heart into|I paced between the bow and stern thinking of words of encouragement |
|them, standing over every oarsman, saying gently, friends, have we |and then upon standing over everyone I said “Friends, have we never |
|never been in danger before this? |been in danger before this?” |
|More fearsome, is it now, than when the Cyclops penned us in his cave?|This may be the toughest enemy we may ever face compared to the |
| |Cyclops. |
|What power he had! Did I not keep my nerve and use my wits to find a |The Cyclops was tough but I used my wits to get us out of there. |
|way out for us? | |

Pg.980 Lines 828-837

|Original |Modern |
|In the small hours of the third watch, when stars that shone out in |During the third watch it was dawning and a huge storm came and we |
|the first dusk of evening had gone down to their setting, a giant wind|dragged our ship to a sea cave were we made a short living. |
|blew from heaven, and clouds driven by Zeus shrouded land and sea in a| |
|night of storm; so, just as Dawn with fingertips of rose touched the | |
|windy world, we dragged our ship to cover in a grotto, a sea cave | |
|where nymphs had chairs of rock and sanded floors. |