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Evolution is Charles Darwin’s idea o how organisms change and evolve. He was born 200 years ago and it has been 150 years since he published his book, The Origins of Species; however, Darwin did not know how the species changed and evolve. Darwin loved nature as a child; he loved to go outside, collect beetles, but he didn’t like school, so his father sent him to a medical school in Europe. After he attended Cambridge to study clergy. Although he failed, he figured out that he liked nature, and a few years later, he was hired to work on the Beetle to count the number of fish in South America. Off the coast of South America he found foils of large fish. He journeyed to the Galapagos, three islands located off the coast of South America, and found animals that liked near the equator; penguins, iguanas, tortoises.
During his expedition to the Galapagos, Darwin collected different bird species. When he took time to analyze them, he noticed that out of all the birds he collects, they were all based on only 13 different species, but each bird had different features depending on which island they lived on. With these findings, Darwin knew he was heading into dangerous waters because many people at that time believed that God made all things perfect.
With further investigation Darwin believed that humans were derived from fish, and he created the “Tree of Life,” where everything was connected to each other. He also noticed that in dogs, people cold breed two dogs and make…