Essay on Dashboard Analysis and Nursing Plan for Pain Response

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Dashboard Analysis and Nursing Plan for Pain Response
NURS 4005 Section 04, Topics in Clinical Nursing

Dashboard Analysis and Nursing Plan for Pain Response
In information technology, a dashboard is a user interface that, somewhat resembles an automobile's dashboard, organizing and presenting information in a way that is easy to read. Healthcare dashboards are designed to show the performance of key activities that directly or indirectly impact patient satisfaction, such as length of stay and lab test turnaround. This paper will take at look at pain response and breakdown why it is important and ways to improve it.
Analysis of the data
In 1998, the National
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Don't take it for granted if the patient is resting, some patients don't physically show signs of pain. Once the patient is ready for discharge, proper education about pain control needs to be instructed to the patient and family member. Explanations of why it's important to continue the pain meds at home, medications to avoid while taking them, and side effects that may occur.
If NDNQI results continue to decline in future reports, re-education of current staff should be performed. Pain management has often been referred to as the 5th vital sign, nurses and nursing assistants should be instructed to ask/assess about pain when taking vitals. Frequent chart audits should be conducted to ensure proper charting and pain interventions are occurring. Pain management starts with educating the staff on the proper assessments and following through on interventions implemented.
In conclusion, for patients to have a better experience with their hospital stay, proper pain management needs to occur. With the correct orientation and training of staff to the different pain scales used, frequency of patients being asked about pain, and proper interventions being implemented, nursing scores for response to pain should increase.

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