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Pg 160 Practise and Play #1
The Dashing Streets
Kenneth’s back, flat against the filthy wall of the rear of the pub, almost as if he was completely glued to the surface. A single drop of sweat hangs off his cheek trying its best to fall off, the suspense is killing him. He slowly approaches the end of the wall, looking behind it, scanning the alley for anyone familiar. He sees no one. A minute goes by. Still, no one. He feels much more relaxed and makes his way out of the alleyway with a sense of relief and comfort. He whispers to himself, “that was too damn close.” Then suddenly, gunshots are heard, the relief in Kenneth vanishes in less than a second. Pedestrians begin to let out shrieks, in disbelief and terror, they begin to scramble around. Kenneth makes a run for it, far behind, a man in a suit, elegant and flawless, as if he had just left a royal dinner party, chases Kenneth with every inch of his breath. Kenneth makes his way down the busy street using the dim lights from the lampposts to guide his future changes in direction as the night is late and the cars rushing down the busy downtown street blind his sight with their headlights, luminous and lustrous. Kenneth runs for his life, but at the same time is risking his own life as he rushes past bolting vehicles, letting out several honks at once catching the attention of the dozens of pedestrians walking by. He even pushes such pedestrians out of his way, as if it is more than his life he’s running for. Kenneth jumps off of cars, climbs gates inside the alleyways found between streets, and finally finds a large green dumpster inside one of these alleyways to hide in. The unknown man quickly cuts inside this alleyway, runs to its other end and looks down both sides of the street, he analyzes each and every pedestrian and car, something tells his instincts that Kenneth stopped running and is currently hiding, and he is correct. He is angry at himself, he grunts and expresses hatred, almost like his life depended on capturing Kenneth. He leaves in disappointment, it’s obvious he seeks some kind of revenge against Kenneth; his life is incomplete until he gets his vengeance. Kenneth is completely surrounded by a horrible stench that would have ended anyone’s life if they’ve spent as much time as he has inside the dumpster, but no stench could have touched the amount of relief he feels by this moment.
The Filthy Streets
Everything is different, and I mean this in the most negative manner possible. From far away you see a new, vibrant landscape. Buildings that act as monuments for the foundation of the working world, during nighttime the lights shine bright and proudly, almost blinding with its glamour and brilliant intentions of lighting up the way. But if you look deeper in the streets, the skyscrapers, the offices, the restaurants, the banks and the pedestrians, you see an awful image of greed, selfishness and the ignorance of others under the hierarchy of those who long for success. The hundreds of people that walk