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Dasylva Kima
English -100

How do you feel about people of a skin color or ethnic group different from your own? Do you view them as equals?
Sadly, many view certain races as being inferior to one of their own. This type of belief has resulted in causing much harm and this for centuries. For example, feelings of racial superiority have provided justification for colonial treatment and slavery in some region of the world such as in Africa. In Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah’s “If He Hollers, Let Him Go.”, the author emphasizes this type of thinking when she writes about the main character, Dave Chappelle, a famous American comedian from Yellow Spring, OHIO. Dave Chappell grew up in a wealthy and educated family. His mother, Dr. Yvonne Seon, is a professor of American Studies at Prince Georges Commnity College History and his father, David Chappelle dean of community services and a Music professor at Antioch College, both in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Dave’s mother was very supportive of her son's talent and frequently accompanied him at his comedy shows. After his high school graduation, Dave Chappelle wanted to pursue his dream of being a comedian. He made a deal with his parents: he would consider college if he was not successful achieving his dream in New York. Eventually, Dave Chappelle made it and became very successful. He first appeared on the comedy-club circuit during his teen years, and then his show became the most talked-about show on television, news paper outlets and people.
Despite his success, he became a target of racism and racial division became his main targets. His approach to these attacks was of outrageous irreverence that often left his audience into shouts of laughter. As a result, he gained fame and…