Data and Statistical Consultant Essay

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Summary of article “What to Expect from a Statistician” This article first makes an overview of statistical consultation. It tells me statistical consultant can help me to solve problems in many areas such as planning studies, measurement and sampling methods. It also shows lots of examples of what kinds of problems which the statistician could be helpful with, and what a statistical consultant could do when they play different roles in research study. For example, as a full collaborator or partner, statistician collaborator need negotiated in each project. To involve a statistical consultant, before data collecting, if a statistical consultant could work with the team from very beginning of the project, this make the statistical consultant could gives advice on the structure building and correction, make decisions on data management and find out the threats, and maximize the utilize of available resources, which help on saving time and effort, avoid errors which might shows up in the very late stages. After that, a statistical consultant can help on analysis methods selection and data legality verify. When finishing the data analysis, the statistical consultant should analyze the data again, by using a preferred method. Then in the end of the overview, the article introduced the requirement to find a statistical consultant who best match yourself. The seconds part introduces many precautions for the first consulting session, which says to make a good discussion and let