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The audience I chose is young educated individuals that are employed. This audience has a specific need and want for the products or services at Lowe’s and they have the ability to purchase what they have to offer. There are many individuals that would prefer to work through specialist that has unlimited time as well as resources to see a project through. The audience I chose also is homeowners that can use Lowe’s products or services to live comfortable. A few of the audience are married couples without kids and is on their way to starting a new beginning. This target audience had ideas during the survey that was experimental and was truthful during the session. The individuals know exactly what they want within products or services and they feel that Lowe’s can satisfy those particular needs. The main reason for choosing this audience is because I know I would get the answers that I was looking for. This audience participated with an open mind and was dedicated to all their responses. Lowe’s has a total of 13 different departments including: appliances, building suppliers, flooring, hardware, heating and cooling, home décor and paint, lawn and garden, lighting and fans, outdoor living, plumbing, storage, tools, and window and doors that the audience has a segmented perception of. They love the many departments that are contained within the store because they are offered a bountiful amount of different brands, styles, and price options. Lowe’s has everything that you will need in one location without having to go all around town to put a project together. Lowe’s lives up to their slogan “Everyday Low Prices” because they perceives as the hardware store with the best for your budget which appears to be the truth. Even though the audience knows that Lowe’s has competition, they still trust Lowe’s for their home improvement as well as their garden and lawn. Lowe’s do not worry about the competition; they just keep striving to be the best at what they do. Most of the audience has no choice but to use Lowe’s because there are not that many big hardware stores in our area. They have to do a little traveling to get to the hardware stores but they are satisfied with Lowe’s and are not worried about traveling to the next store to meet their needs. Lowe’s has the quality that most of the people rely on. The audience has been dealing with Lowe’s for a long time and would not change for no one due to the fact of being comfortable with their products or services. This audience is segmented by their characteristics and behaviors. This audience is local and they prefer to use their money wisely. The audience is on the same level of education and is around the same age where the understand one another. Most of their ideas are similar because great minds think a lot. In the audience, there were six women and four men which made the survey a little more interesting because the conversation was mutual. This audience also communicated on the same page with issues which gave me a better insight on what they expect in products or services. The audience was segmented on variables that affects towards their behaviors. The group was highly motivated and is satisfied with the products or services. The audience segment is very important because they are part of a strong marketing plan. There are factors that pertain