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Opportunities in Sports (P1)
There are many Jobs and careers in the sports and fitness industry I am going to describe some of the realistic ones as appropriate
Coaching in sports is a very good way to earn money as well as being a long term career possibility as it is the type of job that the more experience you have coaching the same club the better suited to the role you become and it gives you the ability to be able to influence people and help them achieve their goals in their chosen sport. Sports coaching also offer the chance for voluntary work so you can get in at the ground level of the sport due to the big demand for sports a coach following the Olympics there has been no better time to be involved in Sports Coaching.
Fitness instructor-
Being a fitness instructor in the sports industry is a great way to build your knowledge of the industry and to help people reach long term goals or targets this job is a lot about having the confidence to be able to motivate and keep people wanting to attend your session reassuring them that you are going to help them better themselves. There is a big demand for fitness instructors as in modern times everybody wants to be physically the best they can be and being a fitness instructor is a great opportunity to help people to do this.
PE Teacher-
Teaching PE is a great way to help the next generation of people to be able to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle to do this job you need good communication skills as working with young children can be hard. If you like to help and teach people then