Data: Data Management and Data Essay

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In today’s world most important concern for government organizations and enterprises is to maintaining privacy and confidentiality of data, as well as meeting the needs of a growing list of connected compliance obligations. This has been recognized by the increased need for collecting data and information such as intellectual property, market intelligence, and customers’ personal information. Therefore in the coming years, cloud computing, will further the need and introduce new challenges of data protection and compliance within organizations. This will necessitate implementing a cross-disciplinary effort within the organization—involving human resources, information technology (IT), legal, and other groups—to devise solutions that address privacy and confidentiality in a holistic way. I only store some files. I used to use if for pictures but now I’m more careful with what I put because anyone can access my photos. Now I’m extra careful because the government can access my data without me knowing.

Security of data is the major concern here. What will be the impact on data management over the cloud environment? Over the cloud the data will be stored outside a company’s firewall. Large amount of data will originate from outside a company’s firewalls, and more and more data will leave for systems outside a company’s firewalls. Because of this Data quality will suffer. (Chen, 2011) How can you prove that the data going out from systems or coming in from