Data Flow Diagram and C. Business Process Essay

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Identify the underlined part of the statement below as one of the aspects of a process model from the options: The human resources department stores and updates information of a employee in a database stored within the organization.

A. Environment variable

B. Storage ledger

C. Business process

D. Internal entity or swim lane

You have just been told that an employee for a firm "Updates new employee information." This is an activity or a(n):

A. Internal entity

B. External entity

C. Business Process

D. Data Storage

From the statement below, identify what aspects of a DFD does the underlined part represent: Customer inserts the payment details through the online interface. The entered informatin is then processed by the software module designed for processing the payment information. The payment information entered by the customer is verified by a Bank and is then confirmed.

A. Source

B. Data Process

C. Data Storage

D. Destination

In the statement below, identify which aspect of the DFD is represented by the underlined part: On the Indiana University website, a new student clicks on the "Apply for Admission" link. The link takes the student to a screen, where the student enters his/her personal and academic information. This information is then verified for correctness in syntax and is then stored in the "new student" database.

A. External Entity

B. Internal Entity

C. Data Process

D. Process output

One of the key goals in documenting the organizational business processes through the various modeling techniques is:

A. Planning the requirement solicitation process better

B. Helping and training new team members

C. Planning the system implementation process

D. Decide on a specific project development model

The data transformation processes could involve all of the following but, Data

A. Cycling

B. Verification

C. Calculation

D. Entry

Creating a DFD is an iterative process. Each DFD iteration helps the designer to refine the diagram. A DFD created at a very high-level or summary view is referred to as a

A. data process diagram.

B. data dictionary diagram.

C. content diagram.

D. context diagram.