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Harrah’s script
Good evening everyone. I am Shixin. Today my group member Na and I will talk about a data mining case study about Harrah’s. In this presentation, we will introduce the company background at first, and then tell you the company’s objective. After discussing the current resource and application, we will come up with the method improvement. In the end, we will make a summary. Firstly, let’s look at the company background.
Harrah’s is the world’s largest casino company. It is an entertainment company that has business interests in casinos, food & beverages and hotel rooms. By 2010, Harrah’s has already had 48 properties, more than 3 million square feet of casino space and over 38,000 hotel rooms.
Here are some pictures of Harrah’s.
Although Harrah’s is the largest one, it faces pressure from its competitors all the time. Harrah’s has a longer history and more diversified geographic locations than others. It is not very practical to spend a large proportion of their budget in property development as its competitors do so Harrah’s aims to boost the frequency without increasing much budget.
So what resources does Harrah’s have currently? Harrah’s has a data base collecting information from national network. There are two types of cards. Application card contains the basic information such as birth date and home address. Reward card keep track of transactions, such as customer play preferences, where they like to eat in the casino and whether they stay the…