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Homework 1

INFO 650 Business Data Mining Fei Chen

Prof. Arun Sen 123005767


Problem 3.2 a. This is the scatterplot created in Excel.

Lot Size (000s ft2)

ScatterPlot of Lot Size vs Income for 24 Owners And Nonowners of Riding Mowers 25 23 21 19 17 15 13

owner non-­‐owner 20






Income ($000s)

b. This is the scatterplot created using Spotfire.

c. In Excel, the process of visualization is first to select the chart type and data source, then adjust the details of the chart. While in Spotfire, the steps are first to upload formatted sheets, and choose the variables for X and Y-­‐axis. Both of the tools provide qualified charts. The advantage of using Excel is that I am already familiar with it so that I can easily change the characteristics of the charts to meet my needs. Also, the data is right there for me to look at or search, in case there’s any problem. And the chart will update automatically when you change some data points. The advantage of Spotfire is that it is a professional analytics tool so that it will adjust the chart to the best fit for visualization. Also you can save the work you have done in the system. But since it is the first time that I use it, I still need to learn how to navigate in the system to get the most benefits out…