Data Mining from Social Media Essay

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Social media all resides on IT systems. IT systems help support the need for access to data, how the data mining is performed and how quickly the responses can be gathered for real time feedback. From Facebook to blogs to email campaigns, none of the social media would be in existence without IT.
The key elements of an organizations online reputation are getting consumer feedback and gaining consumer trust. They can positively influence each by showing that you care about their feedback. This can be accomplished by having interactive conversation such as responding to blog posts or real-time acknowledgment on a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter. Also, businesses can build email marketing campaigns by asking consumers to sign up for them. This way the email marketing isn't just spam in their inbox and gets deleted without being read.
The concept of Marketing has undergone a fundamental shift. Instant communication has had an impact on the way marketers promote their products and brand image. The control has for a company's message been taken from marketer's choice to customers choice and customers having the power to access any medium that they choose. It uses social networking to use internet technologies and platforms. This communication is real time and spreads rapidly. Social networking sites, blogs, email, online forums and social bookmarks are marketing tools that can used.
The marketing tools can be used to seek out new customers through referrals and target certain types of customers, or hyper-targeting. As opposed to traditional marketing, modern day marketing provides ways to rapidly respond to changes in an instant. Changes can be made to content and target market quickly. Companies can receive customer feedback via social media and deliver timely information to customers as well as the media.
Word of mouth spreads rapidly on social media and by embracing the tools and idea of them,