Essay on Data Protection Act 1998 and Information

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There are lots of issues that are essential to confidentiality and objective observation. One issue that is essential to confidentiality is sharing information on a need to know basis only. As a student, I am likely to find out all sorts of information and some of which must be kept private and confidential. It is important that I do not disclose any personal information. Another issue that is essential to confidentiality is safe storage of information. “As well as good practice in terms of confidentiality, you should be aware that there is … In relation to my setting, I come across personal information about the children and their parents and it is not my place to reveal any of this information to anyone.
Another issue is working with parents. As early year’s practitioners, it is important to build a good relationship with parents, however there is a difference between being friends and being friendly. You should not get these mixed up as you may be faced with situations where you may need to break confidentiality with a parent. For example, if a child’s safety was in danger, you may need to reveal sensitive information about the parent or child and this may be harder if you were the parent’s friend. In the EYFS Statutory framework, there is a section dedicated to providing information to parents, this is called ‘partnership with parents’. “Providers must be alert to any issues for concern in the child’s life at home or elsewhere. Providers must have and implement a