Essay on Data Protection Act 1998 and Personal Data

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Computer Misuse Act 1990
Before 1990 there was no law against hacking computer systems. Therefore many people did, and because there was no law against it they could not be prosecuted. Many people thought that hacking was wrong and so came up with a law that protected against;
Unauthorised access to computer material.
You are not allowed to access any information on a computer without authorisation. This could be personal information that you wish to keep private, or could be a company’s information which they wish to keep private.
Unauthorised access with intent to commit or facilitate a crime.
You are not allowed to gain access to information that you intend to use to commit a crime or intend to give to someone to help them commit a crime.
Unauthorised modification to computer material.
You are not allowed to change information on a computer that isn’t yours without permission from the owner.

Data Protection Act 1998
Personal data should be obtained fairly and lawfully.
You should be made aware of any information collected about you and you should be asked if it is ok for them to take it.

Personal data can only be held only for specified and lawful purposes.
They have to state why they want to collect and store personal information.

Personal data should be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the required purpose.
They should not take more information than they need.

Personal data should be kept accurate and up to date.
They should make sure not to record wrong facts.

Personal data should not be