Nvq Health And Social Care Level 2

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NVQ in Health & Social Care
Level 2

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What is the Data Protection Act 1998?

The Data Protection Act 1998 is a United Kingdom Government Act which defines UK law on the processing and keeping of data of identifiable living people. It is the main piece of legislation governing the protection of personal data in the UK.
The Data Protection Act contains eight principles of information-handling practice. These state that all data must be:
Processed fairly and lawfully.
Kept secure (through technical and organizational measures).
Obtained and used only for the specific and lawful purposes for which it was collected.
Adequate, relevant and not excessive.
Accurate, and where necessary, kept up to date.
Only kept for necessary amount of time.
Processed in accordance with the individuals rights.
Transferred only to countries that offer adequate data protection.

How does it affect the way you communicate with individuals?

Employees who have access to personal data must comply with this Policy and adhere to the procedures laid down by the Data Protection Act 1998.
Sensitive personal data including information relating to the following matters:

Each service user has a right to information.
Each service user has the right of access to their personal care records and to comment on them accordingly.
Each service user has the right to be assured that no personal or confidential information concerning their affairs will be disclosed to a third party without their express permission.
I should follow above policies and procedures within Data Protection Act 1998

How does it affect the way you document and pass on information in your work setting?

Through documentation, carers pass on to other care providers their assessments about status of clients. Documentation lets carers to assess client progress and determine which interventions are effective and which are ineffective, so they can identify and document changes to the plan of care as needed.
While making notes about my Clients I should maintain confidentiality. I should not let people not involved get the access to client`s documents. I should talk about the Client only to people who are involved in providing care for him. The Client should have the access to care plan and other documents regarding him at any time. I should ensure all documentation is kept securely.


Look at some of the documents in your setting
The type of information
Who wrote it
When it was written

HSC21 KS 1 5abc. HSC24 KS 9ab 21

What kinds of records are kept in your work setting?

The record contains information on:

Service User Record Service User’s personal details (name and address, age, level of mobility, risk assessment to the to the Service User: e.g. allergies, abuse); Identification of Specific Risks to the Care provider or others concerned : e.g. aggressive or dangerous behaviour, manual handling; General Environmental Risk Assessment including: Safe Access to heating, open fires, gas; identification of Fire Risks to the Service User: e.g. smoke detectors installed and functioning, emergency access and exits.
Assessment Review Form.
Plan for the Delivery of Care to be provided.
Consent Form.
Record of GP Visits and Others Allied Professionals.
Moving and Handling Assessment (Level of dependence, Physical Disability, History of falls).
Moving and Handling Assessment Review.
Medication list (time, who has served , comments).
Fluid, food chart.....etc.
Medication Care Task Risk Assessment Form.
Medication Care Task Review.
Giving of Medicines and application of Creams, Ointments etc.
Record of Care
Medication Prompt/Assistance Administration Record.
Integrity of Staff.
Financial Assessment.
Financial Plan.
Complaints Policy/Form.
Accident Report.
Checklists for Error or