Data Versus Information Paper

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Today we live in our current reality where information is a basic asset. Data is likewise a basic asset and comprises of information that is prepared into information with the end goal of organizations and users. Gathered information is put away into what is known as databases where it is organized into potentially valuable information. Data also known as Raw data is a stream of facts that are not organized or arranged into a form that people can understand or use (Gillenson, Ponniah, Kriegel, Trukhnov, Taylor, Powell, & Miller, 2008). Raw Data are facts that have not yet been processed to reveal their meaning (Gillenson, Ponniah, Kriegel, Trukhnov, Taylor, Powell, & Miller, 2008). For example if Version Wireless ask their customers to partake in a review about the items they have purchased or how was their customer service experience the information gathered is helpful but not until the raw information is organized by joining it with other comparative information and examined into meaningful information. Data information might be as straightforward as organizing data to uncover patterns or as unpredictable as making forecast or drawing inductions utilizing statistical modeling.

Both information and data are sorts of learning which share similarities in the way that each are utilized to make a conclusion for a specific reason. Data is accumulated by observation and utilized for record keeping and once it’s assembled it will be utilized for informational purposes. What makes the two separate is that data is typically gathered first and the raw material is entered and put away into a database. The data has now been stored, classified, and analyzed and this is representation of information. Information must be important whatever reason it should support and delivered in a meaningful manner.
A database is an ordered collection of related data elements intended to meet the information needs of an organization and designed to be shared by multiple users (Coronel, Morris, & Rob, 2010). Data is constantly precise and should be appropriately formatted in order to present related information in the needs of decision making. Depending upon the sort of data you need having important information, dependable information, timely information, plays a key part in an organizations decision making process. Important information can help an association perform all the more effectively and adequately.
Information and data might be exceptionally valuable to organizations and give preference that will make their organizations more competitive. Data constitutes the building blocks of information, Information is delivered by processing information, Information is utilized to uncover the importance of