Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Essay

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ERP 345 Business Intelligence

Hw 1: Definition of Business Intelligence

Search any resource (Books, Web Sites, Papers, etc.) to find three definitions for Business Intelligence. Include the detailed information (Title, authors and the source of the definitions. For example:

“BI is … is an architecture and a collection of integrated operational as well as decision-support applications and database that provide the business community easy access to business data”. Business Intelligence Roadmap by L. T. Moss and S. Atre, Addison Wesley.

(1) Three definitions for “Business Intelligence” with source information. Include at least one definition found from a journal article. If website resources were used, include not only the web link/address but also information such as company name, author, page title, etc.

1. “BI is an umbrella term that combines architectures, tools, data bases, applications, practices, and methodologies”. Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems by Turban, Aronson, Liang, and Sharda, Prentice Hall.
2. BI is “Combination of data mining, data warehousing, knowledge management, and traditional decision support systems”. Knowledge-based data mining by Weiss, Buckley, Kapoor, and Damgaard, ACM.
3. BI is “ The use of all the organization’s resources: data, applications, people and processes in order to increase its knowledge, implement and achieve its strategy, and adapt to the environment’s dynamism”. Business Intelligence and Agile Methodologies for Knowledge-Based Organizations by Sheikh and