Data Warehouse and Data Essay

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Data warehousing plays a vital role and important area of information technology infrastructure Data warehousing is a structure that holds data in a précised manner and data can be retrieved based on the business requirements of a company. There are many different kinds of data ware housing systems that a data is stored in a company and will be vary based on the storage like star flex schema data ware house, snow flake data ware house, metadata ware house and enterprise data warehouse systems.
In past data is being maintained in the papers, tapes and disks and now the data is maintained in the granular, systematic order and in highly secure way in appropriate data bases with structured tables, constrains, data diagrams, and keys combined know as data ware house.
As of now we would make a difference between the data in legacy format of operation to the on-going operation of Data Warehouse 2.0
Step-By-Step Growth and architectural view of DW 2.0:
In DW 2.0 when compared to 1st Generation data ware housing there is an advanced architectural features and technologies.
• There are remarkable changes made in the DW 2.0 when compared with the previous versions change in implementation of architectural, upgrade to systems and ability to communications with the end users which has got a vital change in the business.
• Online Process and access of data to a common business man in day to day life in reservation systems, ATM Process and online inventory management is not restricted to time.
• Corporate Data: Came to reality by adding the corporate information on the many applications by new vistas of processing opened up which was not previously obtained.
• Business made discussions on the structured data but there is also valuable information in the unstructured data which need to be made decision on it and the key to open up was made with ETL (Extract, transform, Load) which made vital changes in business.
• Capacity: Interact with different forms of technologies, speed up of processing, with stand of data in which capacity is an infrequently encountered constrains made easier in DW 2.0

Effects of Data ware house on Business:
The DW had higher effect on various businesses. In this case the situation raises where the business which are deeply reliable on the DW are follows:
• The airline environment which uses the frequent flyer technology
• The Credit card companies which cross verifies the persons profile to see if any fraudulent use of credit card.
• Company keeps track of oversupply and under supply of goods maintained by an organization
• Organization stores customer profile regarding transactions in detail manner in data ware house.
The Data ware house helps the organization to maintain long and detailed corporate memory.

Changes of Data in timely manner supported by DW :
There are wider changes in architectural and ability to maintain data in DW 2.0. It has greater ability to support the changes of data which changes in time to timely manner this is due to the semantically static and semantically temporal data in database designs.
If data entity changes happens, Semantic data changes occurs. In Meaning full static data will it will not always be fixed and there wouldn't be any changes and the data which is Meaning full secular data will be frequently changing . Taking an considering an example of customer profile with Meaning full secular data where we can edit details of his profile and we can add details in his profile this shows that data is frequently changing. If considering in an organization where details of an employee are maintained in case gets transferred or gets into new position where the roles, responsibilities, emails to whom he needs to report and who all needs to report to him will be changed and leads to add in columns to tables and changes in data. And now considering the example of Meaning full static data is yearly stocks where it will be mentioned the sales, profits,