Database: Database and Microsoft Excel Essay

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A database system is defined as a integrated computer structure which stores collections of end user or meta data. In any organization, a database system is very important. Databases can be used to store any information you to collect and store. This information could be a company storing information on all of its employees or a company collecting monthly sales data. The size of the organization or company will determine how you will store this data. Microsoft Access is a great program which works very well for a small work environment. Work environments that are small could utilize spreadsheets from excel to store their data which could suit their needs depending on the data they want to store. A larger company may need more than just Excel to store their data. Large companies would need to consider utilizing a database management system. A database management system can be described as a collection of data that the user can create, read, update, and delete data from a database. It serves as interface between the database and the end users or application programs.
I work for a big automotive company and there is a lot of data that is tracked on a day to day basis. An example of this would be tracking everyone’s day to day productivity. My group that I work for is a small group of people, less than 10 and we track all of our productivity using Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. I mostly use Microsoft Excel as a way of imputing data into spreadsheets. We than use these spreadsheets gather data to track our progress on a project we are working on to see where we are during and ending of the project.…