Essay on Database Design

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Choosing a database is an important task that every company must carefully consider. Two types of databases that a company may consider are open source and proprietary. Both open source and proprietary databases have numerous advantages and disadvantages. In this paper we will discuss some of these advantages and disadvantages. We will also discuss some things that a company should consider when they are choosing a database. There are many different types of open source databases. Some of these include MySQL and PostgreSQL. In addition to being cost free MySQL is very reliable and easy to use and fast. This makes it a great choice for many companies. PostgreSQL is very powerful as well as reliable. In addition it can be used with all of the major operating systems. PostgreSQL is a great choice for companies because it can handle vast amounts of information. Proprietary databases are something that most people are aware of. Some examples of proprietary databases include Lexis-Nexis, STN and DIALOG. Lexis-Nexis offers a variety of products and is used mainly with corporate, legal and government accounts. STN offers a large amount resource for its customers. DIALOG is one of the earlier databases that still have a lot to offer. Like STN it offers multiple products and multiple resources. Before a company can choose any particular database it may be best to first choose whether you should use an open source database or a proprietary one. There are some obvious benefits to open source databases. First of all open source databases are cost effective and often offer features that are comparable to or even better than those of proprietary