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Executive Summary


How An Information System Can Significantly Improve
An Organization’s Operations

Information Systems are becoming the back bone of today's businesses and a critical part of operations for mid-size to large businesses. The massive volumes of data being collected and utilized by organizations need to be organized, stored, and made readily available for effective processing, analyses, and decision support. Information systems provide a variety of services which aide in many essential business practices, some of which include decision making, risk management, and transaction processing.

Quick Optics, a manufacturer and distributor of reading glasses, provides a typical scenario where the lack of an information system is causing the organization to realize negative consequences. The current practices of Quick Optics utilize manual processes which are prone to error, use time inefficiently, and will ultimately result in the company’s downfall if they do not quickly design, develop, and implement an information system.

In order to propose and develop a suitable information system for Quick Optics, this document will elaborate on the following objectives:

* Describe the current procedures and business practices of Quick Optics * Clearly define the problems with the current system of Quick Optics * Identify the level and profile of the users that the new system is intended for * Identify and define the process and the requirements of those process that the new system will support * Identify the opportunities from internal and external data sources * Identify and describe the data constraints from internal and…