Essay on Database: Sql and Educational Institutions

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A database is a collection of data arranged for easy and quick searching and retrieval. There are databases in every aspect of everyday living. You can create a database to keep track of just about anything from your video game collection, recipes, contacts and the inventory for a business.
Three uses of data base could be databases for business, databases for educational institutions, and Databases for Household and Family Management. Databases for Businesses depend on databases 24 hours a day/seven days a week. Inventory, order processing, payroll, accounting, shipping and transportation routing are often tracked within a main database that keeps the company functioning.
Databases for Educational Institutions go from elementary schools to colleges, educational institutions have used databases to keep track of students, grades, transfers, transcripts and other student data. There are even specialized database packages geared toward schools and colleges.
Databases for Household and Family Management have a home in household and family management for many individuals and families. Many individuals/families use a database to keep track of family birthdays, bills and expenses within a home; addresses of friends and relatives; movie/DVD collections; and other lists
Two databases could be oracle and fox pro. Oracle Database is a multitenant architecture that makes it easy to deploy and manage database clouds. Innovations such as Oracle Multitenant, for consolidating multiple databases quickly, and Automatic Data Optimization with Heat Map, for compressing and tiering data at a higher density, maximize resource efficiency and flexibility. These unique