Essay on Dating: Human Rights and Relationship Violence Webquest

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Relationship Violence Webquest Directions: Click on the links below, read the articles and answer the questions on the worksheet provided (if you are absent during this activity in class you may answer directly on the worksheet and share with me).


Violence is related to certain risk factors. What are some violence risk factors?
Hint, open up the link, read specific paragraph, Why Does Dating Violence Happen. You will find the risk factors under this heading.? Dating violence is widespread with serious long term and shortterm effects. Many teens do not report it because they are afraid to tell friends and family. ng_violence.html 2.
What are signs of an abusive relationship? HINT: This is EARLY WARNING
SIGNS that someone might be abusive.

they may lose respect if they are attentive and supportive toward their girlfriends.

Skim this article (3 part). Its’ a simple read.­relationship­and­teens

What are some qualities of a healthy relationship?


How do I prevent an abusive situation? Hint: read paragraphs 1)What are

Personal Safety Skills-and What About Fight Back? 2)Paying Attention to Danger
Signals When Dating or Courting 3) Assessing What is Normal and What is Dangerous