Dave's Death: A Short Story

Words: 833
Pages: 4

But Dave forgot this. His body was decaying, and this memory was lost. The cancer was in his brain at this point, and the seizure itself destroyed most of his brain anyways. Dave cannot remember why he is crying, but the feeling he felt when he remembered that Jacks was dead was the same one he felt that day, in the street.
But the tears eventually stopped, and Dave, began to drive. But the car eventually stopped, and Dave began to walk. He walked along the road he had been driving on, still mesmerized by the cars’ many lights and noises. He walked for a few miles, before finding himself in a state park. There were actual people around him now. Women, and children, and men, and park rangers. Dave overhears a child asking his mother when they can go home, and Dave wonders when he will go home, but he cannot remember his address, so he figures that he has always lived here. Dave casually strolls through the woods, looking for his apartment complex. He is frustrated now, because he sees no such structure, and starts walking faster. Dave trudges through the many leaves and branches,
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He is ok with that because this is the first time he has slept in several days, or maybe a month. Two days? Dave cannot remember the last time he slept, but then again, he doesn’t even remember his last name. But Dave isn’t thinking about any of that. Dave is soothed by the beautiful sound of rain. He sees the shapes that the rain makes while landing on his leaf, which is beside him. He notices a trapezoidal shape, and one that is purely described as a splash. He is once again amazed by these everyday phenomena. Dave gets up, and starts to walk. The rain has stopped now, and there is a beautiful mist layering the thin forest. Dave picks a small pine twig from a branch and smells it. Oh, how perfect, Dave thinks. It smells minty, only more herbal. He wonders how you would describe the smell of fresh pine to someone who has never smelled it, or cannot smell