Legalizing Drugs Were Legalized The Amount Of Income That Would Be A Good Idea?

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Dear Mr Cameron
I think that legalizing drugs would be a good Idea there are some many positives for the county and helping it expand and get out of recession and open up many opportunities to the unemployed. During this letter I will go through in more detail why I think legalizing drugs would be a good idea.
My first argument is that if drugs were legalized the amount of income that would be created for the government would be unreal, it’s estimated that 46% of people in Brittan take some form of drug from c class to a class and nearly half of all 15-16 year olds have taken an illegal drug. If these drugs were sold at the same price now the government would have more income, this could help towards sorting out Britten’s ongoing recession there for pleasing the general public. The tax payers of Brittan would be pleased because there putting their money towards trying to get us out now. The government could add tax to the drugs as they do with cigarettes this would create more income on top of the price of drugs.
Although this is all my opinion, it is not just me with an opinion; the media around now do not inform us correctly about drugs and drug use. They twist and basically turn the truth into lies; it’s the media that create these myths and lies for their own benefit. This creates false interpretations of drugs and the drug users them self’s. If drugs were legalized it could be taught in schools the real effects of drugs instead of listening to myths from the media. This could lead to much more such as, research to find the best way to help citizens of the world quit some of the most addictive drugs around.
Finally the crime rate around the country would drop almost 50% of crime in the uk is the sale of drugs and illegal substances. If drugs were legal crime rate would drop drastically this would be brilliant for other country’s to see how we have dealt with drugs and seeing how low our crime rate is and they would learn from what we have done and what we have created and what we have succeeded at.