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Many governments in the world are now concerned about climate change. Do you think governments should act independently or in co-operation with other governments to solve this problem?

Developing significant industry and high technology in contemporary societies throughout the world, which make people live convenient; meanwhile, they have harmed the environment of the earth that is an only planet now we rely on to live. An urgent problem people have to resolve as soon as possible is that earth’s average temperature has risen over the past century, and it seems that a trend is always to rise in the future. Because of this, humanity will face large and potentially dangerous shifts in climate and weather. Some people think the governments in the world should co-operate to combat climate change, while others have an alternative point of view; international statues around the world are complex, therefore, the governments in different societies may resolve environment independently that is efficient.

There are two aspects of advantage and disadvantage about dealing with climate change independently by the governments. It is true that international issues are complex; the governments combat climate change individually that seems a positive way to deal with rapidly. But not all the governments around the world desire to protect the environment, especially many developing countries, they firstly consider how to enhance economy of their countries. As a result, they may not prevent pollution of the environment. In addition, if developing countries positively deal with climate change and many third countries do not have a large amount of money to provide to protect the environment. Consequently, these third countries rely on rich countries to combat the environment pollution.

On the other hand, climate change on the earth where everybody live in needs the governments all over the world co-operate together. If the governments in societies co-operate to deal with this issue, there is no