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Texas Texans

David Crockett Throughout the American history we the people have stood together to unite different cultures, races, and religions under one nation. Most importantly by the help of heroes we have accomplished what no other country in our time could accomplish, the land of the free. Today, let us take a journey back in history to recognize the accomplishments of David Crockett that helped lead to create the freedom we have today. David Crockett an American hero who was a famous frontier settler, politician, and a soldier.
David Crockett’s reputation was developed by his rebellious, sharpshooting, and skilled woodsman achievements. One of his all-star fame and long lasting courageous acts as a frontier settler was the Battle of The Alamo. February 1836, Crockett decided to join a group of fearless men who established a fort at the Alamo. A few days later, he was forced an invitation he did not desire which introduced Crockett to a furious thirteen day attack by the Mexican Army led by President Antonio López de Santa Anna. Crockett fought along with individual American heroes such as James Bowie, and William Barret Travis. David Crockett was not encouraging a war but constructing a statue of peace while trying to earn what he favored, Texas Independence. “Tell the general I'm willing to discuss the terms of surrender. You tell him; if he'll order his men to put down their weapons and line up, I'll take them to Sam Houston and I'll try my best to save most of them. That said; Sam's a mite twitchy, so no promises”.(?????) Many times his kindness abducted him not allowing him to realize noncorresponding elements in his enemies which led Crockett to battle fearless than ever. Many researchers this generation report that fighting in the Alamo helped David Crockett bring up his reputation in American History to a standard.
In his times, a man of war was not a man of politician. A politician man was a part of the elite society those who are prosperous. However, David Crockett was able to present not just the act of enforcing the law but as well as participating in writing it. David Crockett began running for president in 1825. It took the strength, power, and time to get him to his goal as being part of the U.S House of Representatives. Crockett’s strategy was to collect settler’s votes during his political campaigns. He did not strategies with one election element though. In 1819 Crockett proposed Lawrenceburg as the country seat because its central location connected with Andrew Jackson’s Military Road. Because of Crockett’s ambitions, he became one of the first commissioners and justices of peace in the country and eventually was chosen by his peers as the commander (lt. colonel) of the 57th Regiment of Militia. Crockett's quick wit and entertaining stories of survival gained him the respect of fellow citizens and politicians. In fact, while he was at a conference in Philadelphia, Crockett was awarded a handsome long rifle, which included a gold engraving on the barrel: "Presented to the Honorable David Crockett of Tennessee by the young men of Philadelphia." Also, those young men of Philadelphia had inscribed in silver letters near the sight”. (?????) Crockett was becoming such a popular figure and not just in Tennessee, but the election process appeared to be a stepping stone to higher offices. However, all of that changed when the people of Crockett's district began to learn about his contempt of Andrew Jackson for his unfair treatment of Tennessee…