David: Horse and Djordje Jovanovic Assignment Essay

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Ki’esha Jackson
Instructor: Djordje Jovanovic


Meeting time: Monday & Wednesdays @ 8:30-9:45 am

There are many aspects in the Flex Mendelssonhn Bartholdy- Violin Conertro in E minor, Op. 64 (1844). The aspect that I would like to focus on is the melody. I’m going to be choosing paintings to illustrate the melody of the Concerto. I chose melody because it is rather peaceful and has a beautiful feel towards it. I picked this concert over the other one because to me this music has a stronger connection to a person’s emotion if they were to listen to this and the music is a little playful.

This painting went with the beginning of the concerto. How it started off slow and sweet, almost as if the people in the painting are dancing to the music. They are having a good time. As the music continues it gives a playful feel, in contrast to the painting.

I choose this picture because it shows two people playing, in my opinion what seems to be quite and mellow music. I thought this painting went perfectly with the concerto. Even though she’s playing the violin and they’re playing two different types of instruments, I feel that the mood and tone of all are the same. Not to mention the soft colors in the painting.

The paintings of the horses show the movement of the music as it continues to go on. The first horse is king of at a standstill point; this is where the music comes back from the big pause that takes place. The second horse show how the music starts to kick back up and goes into the dynamic mode. The third horse is when all the instruments come