Essay on David: Mamma Mia ! and Music

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Recently, this past summer, I had the opportunity to attend a live performance of Mamma Mia! the musical. I had seen the music drama one time prior to this particular performance; as well as watching the film on multiple occasions. It is definitely my favorite of the music drama’s I have attended and I find the story very entertaining. In the music part of the Broadway, the music had a very expressive power. Throughout the musical, the music would suddenly turn on or off randomly, without warning. It was very loud, bold, and amplifying. My mom had always loved the play so she always played the soundtrack in our car when I was growing up, before I even knew what Mamma Mia! was. The tunes were always familiar to me, but they are – and always have been – very catchy! The music expresses each character and it is always seems easy for the character’s to act out to; the music flows beautifully throughout the entire show. The quality of the singing is excellent in every show I have seen. The solos are loud and expressive of the character. It’s always easy for me to follow along with the soloist; with what they are doing and singing about. I also love the musical groups though; when they have groups of the characters sing so you get to hear everyone’s voice individually in the same song. It is amazing to compare their voices and see how they all have the same powerful impact, when all of their voices are completely different! However, when the whole cast sings together, it is shockingly amazing. It’s so loud and amplified; it sounds beautiful and perfect. It makes me shiver from head to toe because the music is so empowering over my body. The music matches with the drama because the character’s emotions always come out in their voices. They completely share the emotions through the music, their voices, and actions. The characters will amplify their voices to make it powerful to the audience. The drama is based on the songs of ABBA. ABBA was a Swedish pop/dance group from 1972-1982 and was one of the most internationally popular groups through history. Judy Craymer was a producer and heard their song “The Winner Takes It All” in 1983. She came up with the idea that their songs had theatrical potential. Judy asked Catherine Johnson to write a book for Mamma Mia! in 1997; this then, later led to Phyllida Lloyd becoming the director for the musical in 1998. The first show opened on April6, 1999 in London at the Prince Edward Theatre. It is now an international tour and has been turned into a movie as well. The story is set on a fictional Greek island. The main character is Sophie, a 20 year-old, soon-to-be bride. She wants her father to give her away at her wedding but she doesn’t know who her father is. Her mom, Donna, refuses to talk about her past. Sophie gets