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David Mazdapour American History pg. 137 Terms, Names and Critical Thinking
1. Republic is a form of government in which citizens rule their elected representatives. It has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch. A republic is a group with certain equality between its members.
2. Republicanism, was the idea that governments should be based on the consent of people. It has a different meaning then the present republicanism. Most people believed it required virtuous people to work.
3. Articles of Confederation was the original constitution of the US, ratified in 1781, which was replaced by the US Constitution in 1789. A new type of government in a set of laws which two levels of government shared fundamental powers. This set of laws was created by congress.
4. Confederation is an alliance, the delegates called it a new form of government. It`s a union of political units for common action in relation to other units. A number of parties or groups in a league
5. Land Ordinance became the confederation`s greatest achievements. It established a plan for surveying land. Answered the question of how to govern public lands west of Appalachians and north of the Ohio River that offered rich land for settlers.
6. Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was a procedure created from congress which divided the land into territories. It set requirements for the admission of new states which seemed to overlook Native American land claims. Also became one of the greatest Confederation’s Achievements.

3. The states were afraid of a centralized authority because they feared that it would be similar to the governments in Great Britain. Britain had a more-like corrupt officials which had too much power. The