David: Water Pollution and Steve Harper Essay

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It has come to my attention that there are many chemicals and poisons being let into our atmosphere from the agriculture industry. This issue is contributing to pollution, which will eventually lead to Global Warming and several other disasters. I am very concern on what is going on in Ontario’s lake, though this is a big problem to us but I can as well relate this to many different concerns of mine that are involved in pollution.

I am very unhappy in what is going on in the lake of Ontario. As I am reading the article, I am shocked to what is going on there, pollution on the west side. I would never believe that such a horrible thing like that could happen. Families say that most of the time they can’t even go in the water due to high bacterial levels and nobody is doing anything about it. The lakes are supposed to be clear and natural and people should not be scared to go in because you might get diseases. People should put more effort into keeping the lakes clean and not destroying the environment and the longer they wait the harder it is going to get therefore it is better to start as soon as possible.

I address this letter to Steve Harper because I know that he has the most power and as well as the most say in it, and it always goes through him therefore I would like to send this letter to him so he would try making a change. When we look at the picture in the article, one can see that the west side of the lake is where the problem is, people are mostly trying to