Essay on David Zinczenko 2015

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Bernie Acevedo
English 1

David Zinczenko, Radley Balko share a unique perspective on the taste for some fast food and how it can affect one’s look and health. This is clearly demonstrated through their arguments on government, obesity, and time schedule. I agree that it’s our fault for becoming obese and having poor time schedule. But I disagree with their argument in how it’s the government’s responsibility for our health issues.
As both Zinczenko, and Balko talk about heath care and how much the premium is raising due to the fact of the irresponsible individuals that make poor choices. It’s not the government’s fault that society is unable take responsibility to be more aware of what they consume in a daily base. The government shouldn’t have to be making simple choices in how to eat for society. As Judith Warner quoted “you’re incapable of making decisions…Left to your own devices, you’re going to eat too much, and you’re going to be a big fat fatty.” (401) the government shouldn’t determine what you should be able to consume, and you should be able to acknowledge how often you can consume fast food so you don’t become obese.
By having the government raising the premium on health care for the society that aren’t obese to help reduce obesity isn’t fair. Not only are we paying for our health but we are also paying for the ones that are obese and at the risk for diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Health care should have different types of health care or at least have one’s that are customizable. By having customizable health care it can be more one the fair side for others instead of having one price for it all. Another way to reduce obesity is also being have a workout schedule that can help avoid obesity. But in order for that to work you’ll need to know how to time schedule