David and Goliath Analysis Essay

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“David and Goliath Analysis” In the story David and Goliath there is a great lesson to be learned. The story shows that you should never underestimate your opponent and be prepared for anything. David’s own intellect and knowledge of his own abilities enabled him to become the smaller, but stronger opponent. It all comes down to who is the better leader. David was a young shepherd boy who watched over the sheep while feeding and keeping them safe from the lions and bears. While watching the sheep David would spend many moments speaking to God and playing a harp. David’s brothers were at the battlefield and one day he was “sent to the battle lines by his father to bring back news of his brothers.” (Fairchild, 2012) David was not afraid …show more content…
/ In short: Whoever shoots first dies second.” (Gaddis, 1982) Having this in place prevents the act of the atomic bomb; however the technology is there if needed. The first use of the atomic bomb was after the attack on Pearl Harbor at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After seeing the destruction of the atomic bomb creates it was then a lesson learned of the damage it can cause as well as ended the war. This would be compared to David and Goliath by having knowledge is the greatest key in winning a battle. Without the technology of the atomic bomb who knows where we would be today. In conclusion when we think about David cutting off Goliath’s head we think its gruesome just as the Japanese thought the atomic bomb was a cruel and unusual form of punishment they were both something that had to be done to protect their people. David uses God as his guidance as we used technology to form atomic bombs. Having these weapons and knowledge makes us the free country we have today. The sacrifices made by many make us the strong country we are today.

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