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My family history is quite a strong ethnic consisting of Puerto Rican being my primary, and Oneida Indian being the remainder. These two ethnics not only define who I am as a person but give a brief description of my personal upbringing. To start with, my family Origin come from Mayaguez Puerto Rico. Mayaguez, PR is home to very tropical climates. There is a huge percentage of the land that belongs to water and oceans, the half is the small islands and mountains. This land was founded September 18, 1760 by Faustino Martinez de Matos. Many of the citizens who live there are Taino Indians (who were the first Indians for Christopher Columbus met), on August 21, 1760 the city’s main catholic church was built with Christopher Columbus’s statue in the center. Since then, the village thrived and is home to a population of over 90,000 people since 2012, and I am happy to call this land my home. It may not be a large land but there is always festivities that take place all around. From that culture came the environment I grew up to; Latino. From the food we eat to the way we live our lives there is not one thing that doesn’t involve my culture. My family’s house is the typical Puerto Rican house, we have our music blasted, conversations from one end of the house to the other, and our house smells of pine sol and Puerto Rican food. Our Family gatherings are loud, large, and crazy; we go all night and we always make memories that last for a life time. But if there is one thing that we Puerto Ricans are crazy about is our religion. Many of us is catholic and the other is Christian but we all have one thing in common with each other-Faith. Every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, our lives are dedicated to god, and we are always on time at the church service. As far as this main ethnic goes I pretty much summed it up here, this one of my favorite ethnic groups simply because we are independent, crazy yet simple, and we all make the most of our lives doing things we love and we learn from.
My second ethnic culture belongs to Oneida Indian. Oneida Indian is a native America tribe, and are the one out of five nations of the Iroquois Confederacy in New York. From what Oneida comes from the English misspelling of onyuta’a: ka, meaning “people of the stone”. The ancient legend behind this name is that the Oneida people were being hunted by an enemy tribe. Legend goes that enemy tribe chased them into a wood like forest and couldn’t find them after that. They believed that the Oneida somehow shape shifted into stone to hide from the enemy’s. The real history is quite hugely recognized. The Oneida to begin with favored colonist, while some didn’t.