Entertainment Ethics

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Entertainment Ethics
Kristen Dawdy
Business Ethics & Social Responsibilty
Instructor Niki Bathke
May 13, 2015

Entertainment Ethics This is about a conflict between the Disney Company and a local developer called Sun Cal. The conflict is that Sun Cal wants to build 1,500 condominiums with about 15% of those to be used for below market rent rates. This would be a good idea for some of the people who work at Disneyland because they could live closer and it would be affordable. The problem is that Disney believes that the land should be used only for hotels and restaurants that would benefit the tourist that come to Disney. There are two types of stakeholders in this situation. They are market and nonmarket stakeholders. The market stakeholders would be Disney and Sun Cal because they deal with all of the financial issues that would come into play with the conflict. The nonmarket stakeholders would be the city council of Anaheim, the people who work for Disney, and the unions representing the workers of Disney. “A market stakeholder is an entity involved with activities relating to the company’s sales, revenue and expenses, while a non-market stakeholder is involved with issues that are unrelated to the financial operations of the company in its market” (Sandilands, 2013). Knowing who the different stakeholders are is very important in the business world. I personally think that Sun Cal and their stakeholders will come up with a solution to find another location relatively close to Disneyland and build even more condominiums then they originally estimated. It might not be as close as the workers of Disney would have liked but it will still be very close so they do not have to