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Dawn Amatey
Instructor: Steve Williams
MGMT 364: Workforce Planning and Development
12 April 2015
Tanglewood – Case 3

Tanglewood has a high turnover rate with about 50% new sales associates each year. This seems to be common in most sale department stores, since the main attraction will be college students. To help the services department develop a recruiting plan to attract new employees, I have put together a recruitment guide.
Position: Sales Associate
Reports to: Trainer/Store Manager
Qualifications: Training provided. Must be dependable, honest and able to provide outstanding customer service.
Relevant Labor Markets: Washington and Oregon
Timeline: Week of 2/20 – Start the application screening for potential sales associates. Week of 2/27 – Target to hire new sales associates and begin new training.
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates:
Regional Newspaper advertising
Radio advertising
Post job opening on company website
Request employee referrals
Post job opening in local colleges and schools
Staff members involved
HR Recruiting Manager
Store Manager
Assistant Store Manager
Potential Peers and direct reports
Budget: $3,500 - $5,500
There are five primary methods of recruiting at Tanglewood with Media being the most traditional one used. When using the media to recruit potential sale associates, the employees with Tanglewood would be more involved with the process, such as radio announcements and word by mouth. If the employees are happy with being employed with Tanglewood, this will add credibility to the organization. Applicants would also want to join the team of Tanglewood hearing first hand from other members in the organizations. Tanglewood also recruits by referrals from other employees. This would attract many friends of employees already working with Tanglewood and can keep the cost of recruitment down with advertising. Employees will make referrals to whom they feel will be a great candidate for the position and in return, the employee can earn a reward. In order for this to happen, employees must be aware of the positions that are needed to be filled.( Heneman, Judge, Mueller 239). This method is commonly used as well as media. The next recruitment method used is Kiosk which allows applicants to view job details. The application and score process will also be done at the same time. The last two methods used are State job services and Staffing agencies. The applicants would be screened by the employment agency and if the potential passes the screening and the agency finds the individual suitable for the position, an offer is made.
Western Washington uses four types of recruit methods, media, referrals, and kiosk and job services. The media is what cost Tanglewood the most amounts with cost per hire being $5,936.67 and $13,163.91 cost per one year survival. Referrals will also cost the company is a little more money compared to the Kiosks and job. However, Referral programs have great benefits for current employees and help the organization attract future candidates for the positions. In Western Washington, Referrals also have higher one year retention of 703 meaning the program is working well.
Eastern Washington uses three recruiting methods. Media, Referrals and Kiosks. The referral program again has been successful with a hiring rate of 26% and one year retention of 72%. Northern Oregon uses Media, Kiosks and staffing agencies. The staffing agencies are very costly and only bringing in 614