Essay on Dawn of the Inanimates

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The Dawn of the Inanimates Some people said he was a gifted genius and others said he was just plain crazy. His name definitely reflects on his character. Professor Insane has been making useless inventions his whole life. Until one day he invented a machine that would change the world forever. One night in his Laboratory, Professor Insane was having another long night working on some crazy invention of his. Professor Insane has never worked with such concentration and determination before and everyone knew that this was going to be his greatest invention yet. After more than a week of working in his laboratory without ever leaving, Professor Insane was finally finished his greatest invention: a machine that makes inanimate objects come to life. His machine was about the size of a machine gun and looked like an alien ray gun. He tested this machine on a couple of small objects like a chair and a pencil, but this was his biggest mistake. The objects that he made come to life didn’t exactly like humans. Actually they hated humans, and because of this hatred toward humans one day they escaped. On a Friday when Professor Insane came back from the grocery store he noticed that a few things in his laboratory were moved. He thought that he must have moved them before and he continued to move through the laboratory. When he got to the exit of the laboratory he heard a noise and he turned around instantly. Again he saw nothing and he thought he was losing his mind. But it wasn’t until a few hours later when he noticed what really happened. His new machine was gone and so were the objects he tested it on! He looked around his laboratory for a bit to see if they were hiding or something. But when he saw the hole in the wall he knew that they were gone. He quickly ran outside to warn people but he was too late. Outside it was complete chaos. Everyone knew that this was Professor Insane’s fault. Professor Insane knew this to before anyone saw him he ran back inside and locked all his doors. He then ran downstairs into his basement and into his panic room which can only be opened from the inside.

Instead of talking more about Professor Insane, I will tell you about a smart kid who had quite a journey these last few weeks. Mark Johnson woke up with his head ringing and just feeling like lying in bed forever and not going to school. He had heard of Professor Insane creating a new invention, but he had other things to worry about. Mark wasn’t exactly popular at his school and he was considered a nerd. When he got to school he was trying to avoid the football team because they weren’t very fond of Mark and they picked on him a lot.
Mark went through the day fine without encountering the football team; this changed quickly when he got to his locker and saw the entire team waiting for him. He told them to leave him alone, but they didn’t listen. They started to insult him calling him a wimp and a loser. Mark got really upset and punched the captain right in the nose and the captain, Steve, started to bleed. The rest of the football team instantly ran away and so did Mark. Walking home Mark was feeling good and he couldn’t stop smiling. It was at this time that the objects took Professor Insane’s machine.
While walking home Mark kept hearing strange noises but he ignored them and kept walking until he got home. When he got home he said hi to his mom and dad and went upstairs to his room to do homework. Outside the objects were using the machine on different inanimate objects and started to create an army.
The objects now had an army made up of almost every sort of everyday objects; food, chairs, pens and pencils, cars, trains, and even houses! Everyone in Ottawa was panicking and hiding in their houses. This wasn’t a smart idea because some of their houses were shot with the machine and came alive. The Canadian Army tried to stop them but they just shot their tanks and guns with the machine. Mark knew what was happening and