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Diesel engines
-Low speed / high toeque
-fuel produces more BTUs per gallon
-cheaper fuel
-lower BSFC
-durable – less wear
-no ignition system / No EMI
-single power level control, less pilot workload

BTU: british thermal units – measurement of energy per volume
BSFC: Brake Specific Fuel consumption – less fuel used per HP
TBO: Time before overhaul

-Air is drawn (or pumped in)
-compressed by piston
>16-22:1 (6.6-9.5:1 petrol)
-temperature increases due to pressure
-Fuell is injected and ignites as it vaporizes
30-35:1 mixtures (12-20:1 with petrol)
-can be 2 or 4 strokes
-longer TBO
-fuel efficiency
-6-19% lower BSFC
-HP to weight
-torque at low speed
-prop efficiency

>>4 Advantages to Diesel engines
>>How does ignition occur on a diesel engine?

>after engine start check for oil pressure

Walk around
Out of phase overhaul / New run in peroid
>oil / filter
>seals and gaskets
>heat sensitive finish
Removal and overhaul
-Drain fluids
-disconnect wires and hoses
-sling and lift engine
-remove engine mount and bolds
-ship to engine specialty shop.

>Air intakes
>Air filters

induction systens
-intake manifold
>fuel evaporation
>Throttle ice
>Impact ice
-ice detection and removal
-temperature indicating

Fuel and fuel metering

-Fuel injection

Self exciting ignition system:
>ignition coil
>breaker points

Ignition systems
-impulse couplings
-induction vibrator

Exhaust systems
>Remove heat
>remove gases Toxic burnt (non-combustable
Stainless steel tubing, bent and welded.
Lubrication oils & systems
-Wet sump
-Dry sump

-Oil filter/screen
-Oil cooler

Cooling systems
-Air cooled
-Liquid cooled

Piston Engine Review

What is the first thing to check after engine start?
>Oil pressure
How do you correctly shut down an engine?
>Idle cut off, not mags
When it the ignition used for engine shutdown?
>typically in floats when floating, engine needed to be started quickly again
Why is straight mineral oil used for run-in on new engines
>slightly more friction then synthetic oil, helps to break in/fit parts