Day Dreaming: A Short Story

Words: 800
Pages: 4

Day Dreaming
It was evening time, the sun was struggling to fold up its golden curtain, and the zephyrs blowing were playing with soft and beautiful flowers in a such a beautiful weather, Tammanah was wondering in the garden. She was totally lose in an ocean of thoughts, and was trying to extricate those all confusions which had entangled her mind. Zara also came in garden. She was her childhood friend but quite different in nature from her. Their friendship seemed a miracle to those who used to think that people of different natures and thoughts cannot be close friends. Zara was observing her but Tammanah was still unaware of her presence. “Tammanah….!” she called her.
“Oh Zara, when did you come?” Tammanah asked her.
“I would like
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Well I think you are disturbed” Zara said with a frown on her face and she left her.
“When I have need of friends they left me, when I’m alright they come to ask me. What kind of selfishness is this? Very strange behavior. Why that much hypocrisy?” she questioned her mind and went home.
After taking rest, she took laptop and opened her email address. She was so happy to receive reply of first email. In that she has asked most of questions about routine likes and dislikes from him. She was surprised that most of his replies matched with that of her.
After somedays they used to chat on daily basis, and consonance was between their thoughts and minds.
At night, Tammanah was reading books of author Ahrar Y.M and rings of cell phone started irritating her. When she took her phone it was her mom’s call. She answered, “Hello Mom! How are you?”
“Honey I’m good and you tell are you taking care of yourself or just showing negligency?”
“Oh mom, I am not in infancy but mature girl.”
“That’s your thought honey, but you are still a little child for me. Honey, you should come soon to Karachi. Some proposal was for you so they want to see you.”
“But Mom, my mind is not ready to exhibit myself in front of strangers if they reject,” she said in faint