Day Without Media

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A Day Without Media Essay
In a twenty four hour period, I did an experiment where I attempted to go without using any type of media. It was a very important lesson I learned that I am addicted to the media. In this experiment, I learned a lot about myself and how much I am addicted to media. I learned a lot about my media consumption habits through this activity. I learned that I can not function with out the media. It is 2013, almost everyone in the United States uses the media including little kids, senior citizens, and teenagers. Every age group uses the media in their everyday lives. My mind can not function without using some form of media. I realized through this experiment that I use the media all the time. I use the media once every hour of my life. The only time I am not using the media atleast once every hour is if I am sleeping. I already knew before this experiment that I used a lot of media. When doing this experiment, I was thinking about using twitter , facebook, and using my phone to text message. I learned that I use media almost within every 20 minutes of my daily life because almost once in every twenty minutes I had the desire of using media. Instead of using media, I had to think about the activities I was going to do because my options became limited. I started my experiment by going for a run. After running, I talked to my roommates. I talked to roommates about their lives and asked them questions about their biography. I talked to my roommates for the first time this school during the experiment. After talking to my roomates, I started playing card games with them. My roommate and I played card games which include Speed and Go Fish. After we played card games, we went outside to throw football around. We threw the ball around for 30 minutes until we got bored. In the experiment, I felt like I was in elementary school because back in those days, I would use less media When I was in elementary school, my neibghorhood friends and I would play sports outside. In college, most people don’t get the time to play sports with friends. After playing sports with my friends I started to read books from my childhood. I read books for two hours, after reading books, I became very bored it was hard to find things to do.
It was very difficult trying to find something to do after I did the activities thati first thought of. While doing this activity, I started to think I was in elementary school because I couldn’t use media. There were very limited things I could do without using media. After I ran out of things to do , it became very hard to continue the experiment. The psychological effects of this experiment were intense. The first hours of the experiment, I had a desire of using Facebook, Twitter, and my phone so I