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Day Book Defense

I enjoyed writing in the day book. I have journals that I write in all the time, so I knew from day one that I would enjoy it and get a lot out of it. What I did not anticipate was it turning into a kind of scrapbook, which I love that it did as well. I like that I am able to go back through the book and see, in comparison to the index card how well my goals have been met for the semester. For instance, I know now through my teacher that a paper grades itself with a good rubric. I have learned some valuable techniques for classroom management and I have learned that the rest of my anxiety on this subject will be laid to rest only by practice and time. I am also able to see clearly that I still have a ways to go on making a test. I know all about the different types of assessment, from my Foundations course, but not what makes a good assessment or a bad one. I know what traits they each carry and what better assesses what information, but not how to choose questions, how to word myself, what to consider. This part, I guess I would have learned from my teacher, but he only used clickers and I was never able to see or grade or read over a test in his classroom. I had forgotten about this goal or I could have asked him to talk to me about it. I remembered it as I was looking back through my day book this evening. Now I know something that I definitely want my host teacher to focus on with me for a little while. The classroom observations helped in keeping my thoughts organized about what I had seen and learned over the course of time. I was able to see what a normal, well run classroom looked like and take notes on how it came to be that way. I was