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Haight 1
Dayvon Haight
English Composition
Mrs. Weitzman
Clothing Choices

In today’s society, there are many different types of people and they all wear different types of clothes. The choices about clothing reflects many aspects of a person’s life.
The way you wear your clothing reflects a person’s life. Most people that wear some type of hat is most likely going bald or is bald. Other people that wear hats usually show what sport they par-take in, or what sport teams they like. Also people that wear camouflage hats either goes hunting most of the time, or goes fishing on their days off. Also people that wear bandannas usually show what gang they’re in or what hood or areas code they rep. usually they wear their bandanna in their back pocket, or around their wrist or over their forehead.
Sagging your pants reflects a person’s life. Most people that sag their pants tend to be gang related or their clothes do not fit and they do not have a belt to hold their pants up. In jail, they say when a person sags their pants, it means that they have been sexually assaulted and has become another inmate’s girlfriend. A lot of people who sags their pants tries to act hard or gangsta in society, or in public areas when they get around their friends and or their family members. Someone that sage their pants has not been taught the proper way to wear clothing. Their parents need to teach them a lesson or two on how to wear your pants correctly.
The type of clothing you wear reflects a person’s life. Somebody that wears a suit everyday most likely have some sort of good, high paying job that requires you to look very professional at. Therefore, their family is very stable and is a middle to upper class family. My
Haight 2
Uncle has an office job and he is required to look very professional at work. He brings home $90,000 a year. Also my grandfather worked for the government, and he bought home easily $100,000 a year.
However, some people are not as fortunate as other people. Most people around the world cannot pay for clothes and or pay for them to get washed on a daily bases. A lot of families in Africa and Haiti do not have clothes to choose from every day. The homeless people in America lost a lot of their valuables. Many lost their belongings in a house fire, robbery, flooding of their house, foreclosure, or selling their stuff to feed themselves. Most