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I chose the article Restorative Resolution written by Jay Zaslow. In summary the article promotes the use of the restorative dispute resolution (RDR) practices to deal with conflict in schools. RDR “encourage(s) appropriate behavior and places the responsibility for resolution on students themselves” (Zaslow p.58) Instead of using a zero-tolerance policy where all offenses are treated the same; the offenders are treated on an individual basis. They are given the opportunity to share their perspective on the situation at hand. These practices include the authority figures within the school, the victim, the offender, peer groups and the community in the retribution process. All parties can be included in deciding what the consequences will be and how it best supports a healthy outcome. The focus of this practice is to avoid out of school suspensions and expulsions and to allow the offenders to continue their education while building respect and establishing renewed relationships through peer and authoritative accountability.
My response to this practice is a positive one. I believe that the zero tolerance policy has gone a little too far, yet at the same time so has the behavior of the world around us. My first reaction is towards the 8 year old boys from Irvington, NJ who were mentioned in the Nightline video. Being charged with terroristic threats for constructing paper guns is outrageous. Most children in schools are afraid to even speak of weapons due to possible…