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The American colonists faced many difficulties in trying to gain their own independence. The first and most important difficulty to overcome was to gain independence from the British, which was overcome by the ending of the war set by the Treaty of Paris of 1783. Another difficulty that needed to be faced was to make the recent Bill of Rights more effective, which was changed with the ratification of the Constitution. A final difficulty was to create a government in which there was an equal balance of power, this was also solved with the ratification of The Constitution.
With the American colonists declaring their independence from the insufficient rule of the British many people were outraged. It was stated that the colonist’s militias were not strong enough to fight a battle against the British.(doc.2) However, those who favored the idea of a new government and supported General George Washington’s army felt that even though they lacked the necessary equipment to fight a war they made up for it with their pride, discipline, and courage. (doc. 1, 2, 3) On September 3, 1783, the Treaty of Paris of 1783 was signed which formally ended the American Revolution. (www.Loc.gov )
After the American Revolution ended the new country needed to establish a new government. To create a new government it was concluded that they must adopt the recent Bill of Rights and Constitution to steer away from a civil war.(doc.5) However, with the adoption of the Bill of Rights they had to revise it so that every citizen would have the rights provided in the Bill of Rights. (doc. 5, 6)