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Clara Marra Age of Exploration There are many positive and negative effects resulting from European exploration of the

The spread of Christianity through missionaries and cultural diffusion through the
Columbian Exchange are positive effects.
Spaniards treating the natives poorly and the spreading of diseases are negative effects from the results of the European exploration.
The spread of Christianity was one of the many positive effects that was a result of the
European exploration. The spread of Christianity was spread by missionaries. Coronado, the
Spanish explorer told the Viceroy Mendoza to demand the baptism of the Indians, willing them to spread the word of their true god. Coronado had said to the people that they should become
Christians and should know the true god for their lord.
(Document 3)
This became a positive effect because the spread of Christianity played a key role in the colonies, working with the government to convert Native Americans to Christianity which also led to the power of the
Vatican and the Pope to greatly increase. Another positive effect was cultural diffusion through the Triangle Trade with the Old World and the New World. Ideas were taken from the Old
World and converted into the New World for more ideas too.
(Document 6)
Merchant ships had also brought goods to Africa to be traded for slaves. There, the enslaved Africans were exchanged for sugar, molasses, and other products. Then, these products were shipped to Europe or European colonies in the Americas. These were the positive effects resulting from European exploration in the Americas, but there were also some negative effects too.

One example of a negative effects was the relationship between the Spaniards and the
Natives. At this point in time, Spaniards started cutting off the hands of the Natives for not meeting their gold quota, which also caused them to not be able to work anymore. (Document 1)
Conquistadors were the leaders of this, but were granted encomiendas which were the right to demand labor or tribute from the Natives. This led to forced labor and the death of thousands of
Another effect was the