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Nick Menkin 2/1/13
A.P. History Esposito The Jacksonians were created by Andrew Jackson. All of his supporters were called Jacksonians. The Jacksonians thought of themselves as saviors of the common people. In the 1820’s and 1830’s the Jacksonians view of themselves was imperious because of their political decisions, their animosity towards minors and their economic policies. The Jacksonians were masterful because of the political decisions they made. A decision that the Jacksonians made was The Indian Removal Act was an act to remove the Indians if they did not assimilate cultures with the Americans. At first the Indians tried to do this but happened to give up. Another decision the Jacksonians made was declaring Cherokee Indians not independent. In the Worchester vs. Georgia case Andrew Jackson had heard what Chief Justice John Marshall had declared the Cherokee an independent nation. Andrew Jackson responded by saying “you made your decision, now let me see you enforce it.” About a decade later Andrew Jackson had created the Trail of Tears. This was going to move all the Indians out of the states and in to the west. The Jacksonians had made another decision that made them fell imperious. The decision they made was to veto the bank (Doc. B). Andrew Jackson had despised the bank since it was first created. He believed that it would disunite the country. In summary, the Jacksonians had felt very masterful due the political decisions they had made.

Nick Menkin 2/1/13
A.P History Esposito In the years of 1781-1789, America used the Articles of Confederation and they failed. The Articles failed due to the states having too much power. A new government was need because the states needed to unify. This led to the creation of The Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was needed because it was a list of the most important citizens’ rights. The Bill of Rights was ratified on…