Dbq Electoral College Vote

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Every year since the first presidential election, the Electoral College vote system has been in place. Getting rid of the Electoral College vote system now, when it has been used for hundreds of years, will just complicate the electoral system and upset many citizens. It plays a vital role in the electoral system, and with it, the way presidents are elected will stay intact. No other system of electing presidents can or will be as effective as the Electoral College voting system. The Electoral College vote system should be kept because it maintains stability, preserves federalism, and protects minority interests. One of the primary purposes of the Electoral College is to maintain stability, as Document 4 states “Our government is designed to promote good government and legislation that forwards the common good of a large and diverse nation.” The Electoral College provides a clear and structured method for electing the president and reduces the potential for prolonged disputes, especially among states, that could negatively affect the electoral …show more content…
Without the Electoral College, presidential candidates might focus solely on populous urban areas, while neglecting the smaller states, and this is a problem with other models, like national direct popular vote or the two round system, because some candidates could just ignore certain states, which does not promote federalism. This way, with the Electoral College system, each state has a proportional say in the presidential election, regardless of its population size. Also, the Electoral College allows states to have autonomy. The winner-take-all system allows states to determine their own rules for selecting candidates, and can reflect the preferences of their residents, preserving the sovereignty of the